Researching and Preserving the History of the Southern Yosemite Foothills

Officers, Directors & Committees

Officers and Directors


President: Jack Good                      Vice President: Steve Core

Treasurer: Ken Rawlings                Secretary: Gaye Lewis

Museum Director: Linda Core

Directors at Large: Bill Flayer, Sandy Edmonson, Karen Morris, Frank Woodbury, Roger Jenson, and Bob Longatti

Standing Committees


This includes construction projects, and maintenance and upkeep of the buildings and grounds.

Chair: Jack Good   Currently Serving: Butch and Karen Morris, Bernie Young, Linda Core, Vivian Capone, Roger Jenson, Larry Wright, Bill Flayer, Steve Core, Wes Sheldon and Deo Wolff


This includes docent training and scheduling, and membership drives.

Chair: Kay Good   Currently Serving: Susan Mitchell, Judy Young and Steve Mitchell


This includes Music in the Meadow, field trips, bus tours, “CHS travel,” newsletter, and marketing.  Essentially the fundraising and marketing arm of our organization.

Chair: Lisa Curry   Currently Serving: Karen Morris, Linda Core, Kay Good, Steve Mitchell, Jack Good, Gaye Lewis, Anne Flayer and Steve Core.


This includes record keeping and grant writing.

Chair: Karen Morris   Currently Serving: Delores Brooks and Steve Mitchell


This includes website maintenance, social media interface and gift shop procurement and distribution.

Chair: Kelly Calcagno   Currently Serving: Ted McCaleb, Ken Rawlings, Steve Core and Judy Young