Researching and Preserving the History of the Southern Yosemite Foothills

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We invite you to join us on a tour of our grounds and to learn more about the history of our region! Call, email, or message us on Facebook with questions or for more information.

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Hours & Location

Please note that the general hours of operations vary, especially season to season. We are conveniently located right on Hwy 41 between Fresno and Yosemite. Click here for directions and current hours of operation.

Officers, Directors & Committees

An outstanding team of members and volunteers help keep the Coarsegold Historical Society and Historic Museum running smoothly. Find out who’s who here.




  1. Jeff wilson Jeff wilson
    October 1, 2016    

    What are you hours that you are open

  2. brad johnson brad johnson
    October 4, 2016    

    hello to the coarsegold historical sociey, im new to the area of coarsegold , i now live on ellerbrock station road, and am curious ,, where could i find info about ellerbrock station? what kind of station was it ? and its location? thanks brad

  3. Randy Pope Randy Pope
    July 17, 2017    

    How much do you charge for copies of you photos?

  4. Richard Nassar Richard Nassar
    December 7, 2017    

    Hello, my name is Richard Nassar and we live just up Hwy 41 at the Konklin Rd intersection. There is a billboard on the property that I am told has some historical significance and was existing pre-1960. I am looking for any pictures you may have, or any references to this billboard being pre-1960, or whatever actual date it may have been put up. I appreciate in advance any information you can provide me, or any place/person you could refer me to for such information.
    Thank You
    Richard Nassar
    35115 Hwy 41

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